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What is CyStack Platform?

Last updated: 5 months ago

A comprehensive website security

CyStack Platform is a web security platform delivered as a service. It simplifies security practices by applying the technology built up by experts.

Most current network security solutions are too complex and, therefore, confusing to ordinary users. For maximised user experience and efficiency, we make it straightforward to conduct security activities with an improved UX / UI along with a powerful core. Whether you are a programmer, a network security expert, a sysadmin or a regular user, CyStack Platform can help you protect your website effortlessly.

CyStack offers four main features for webmasters and developers:

Scanning: Detect vulnerabilities in your web application

Monitoring: Monitor your website's availability and performance round-the-clock

Responding: Detect and remove malwares in web servers

Protecting: Prevent attacks by serving as a web application firewall

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