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Setup the AWS account for CyStack Cloud Audit

Last updated: 5 months ago

Audit AWS is used for security audit of Amazon web services. To begin with, an AWS credential that has valid permissions is required.

Below is steps to do that

Create an AWS credential

1. Login AWS Console with root permission

2. Access IAM service and add users

3. Select Access Type as Programmatic access

4. In permission settings, select Attach existing policies directly then create a new policy

5. Select tab JSON, then paste this content into the editor. As you can see, those permissions are just Get, Describe permissions. We don't require Create/Add/Delete permissions to secure your AWS account.

6. Review and create policy

7. Back to the Adding user screen, click the refresh button and search for the name of created policy, then tick this policy and go next steps

8. Use the default value for next steps

9. Create new user và store your Access key ID / Secret access key


Create a new target in CyStack Cloud Security

1. Access to create a new target

2. Enter your Access key and Secret key that are just created. Those values are encrypted and safely stored in CyStack Database.

3. Access Dashboard and enable the Audit feature

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