To activate Protecting, you need to go to the Protecting app and click on "Activate".
Next, you can choose whether to use the HTTPS protocol or not. (For extra website security, it is recommended by CyStack that you choose to use HTTPS)

Should you choose to use the HTTPS protocol, you can customize a few further settings:

  1. Certificate type: You can choose between using an already available SSL certificate (by uploading the certificate file and the private key) or use the certificate used by CyStack (through Let's Encrypt)
  2. TLS mode: If your website is already using HTTPS, you can choose between two TLS modes: Full or Full (Strict). These options decide whether the connection between the WAF and your website requires a valid SSL certificate or not.
  3. Redirect HTTP to HTTPS: If you choose Yes, people accessing the website using the HTTP protocol will be redirected to HTTPS automatically. 

After choosing the appropriate configurations for your website, click on Next. To finish activating Protecting, you need to point the DNS records of your domains to the IP addresses of CyStack proxies as instructed (using the management interface of the domain provider). Protecting will activate itself after the DNS records change is completed.

To change configurations for the Protecting app after activating, you can go to the "HTTPS" tab.

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