CyStack Responding, unlike other antivirus programs, does not install a malicious code removal program on the server. Instead, for every scan, users will provide authentication information for CyStack Responding to access directly to the server to scan. Scanning results and malicious codes found will continuously be updated on the web interface. 

CyStack Responding is supporting 2 verification methods:

  1. Verification via FPT (account, password)
  2. Verification via SSH (account, password)

To create a scan, users will need to take these steps:

  1. Select a website for scanning from the list
  2. Go to the Responding app
  3. Click New scan
  4. Fill in authentication information (Credential Type, Port, Username, Password)
  5. Notify to: List of website members that will be notified of the results

6. Select the directory for scanning. CyStack Responding will only scan for malicious codes in this folder

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