CyStack Responding is an application in CyStack Platform for scanning and removing malicious codes on your website.

After successfully hacking into a website with the help of one or more vulnerabilities, hackers have the tendency to leave behind backdoors to make it easier for them to gain access next time. These backdoors will let hackers access the server even after the administrators have patched the vulnerabilities that the hackers exploited. Therefore, besides scanning and patching existing vulnerabilities, administrators need to check their server regularly to discover if their website has been breached or injected with malicious codes or not. If yes, administrators need to quickly remove them and check application logs to understand how the code is injected and then find vulnerabilities that might not have been detected in the vulnerability scanning process. 

CyStack Responding is an automatic tool that assists administrators in the process of detecting malicious code. Currently, CyStack Responding has collected more than 10,000 types of website malicious codes, written in 12 programming languages (PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, …). New types are continuously being collected and integrated into the system.

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